Air conditioner parts manufacturer that supports air conditioning around the world with
“excellent quality” and “accurate delivery”

TOHO INDUSTRY (THAILAND) is a brass parts manufacturer for air conditioners in Thailand.

We deliver high-quality products on time according to the drawings and specifications provided by our customers.

Company Outline

Company name
27/12 Mu 5 Paholyothin Road, T. Klong No.1 A., Klong Luang, Pathum Thani 12120 Thailand
Date of establishment
10 April 1995
Date of incorporation
1 December 1995
Business outline
Air conditioner parts manufacturing

25,000,000 THB



Takeharu Nakamura
Managing Director
Naoki Tsuda
Board of directors

Takeharu Nakamura

Tomoyuki Nakamura

Hirotaka Nakamura

Naoki Tsuda

Thanakorn Rattanasuanjik

Kampol Srethbhakdi ( VIPHAPOL HOLDINGS CO.,LTD )

Surapong Srethbhakdi ( VIPHAPOL HOLDINGS CO.,LTD )


October 1938
Established at Nakameguro, Tokyo
March 1960
Incorporated TOHO INDUSTRY CO., LTD. (Fujinomiya city, Shizuoka)
July 1985
Opened Shizuoka Factory
April 1995
Incorporated TOHO INDUSTRY (THAILAND) CO., LTD. (Pathum Thani)
May 2005
Expansion due to increased production
July 2007
Acquired ISO9001
July 2008
Acquired ISO14001
October 2011
Flood damage
May 2012
Expansion due to increased production
September 2019
Reconstruction of factory, cafeteria, warehouse, etc.
April 2021
Celebrates 25th anniversary
August 2021
office expansion


We will continue to pursue high-quality products and take on challenges in order to continue to be evaluated as
“TOHO for air conditioner brass parts.”

For more than 80 years since its establishment in 1938, “TOHO” has contributed to the industry by pursuing the world’s best metalworking technology and providing high-quality metalworking products.

Since entering Thailand in 1995, we have contributed to the global air conditioning surroundings through air conditioner parts under the slogan of “superior quality” and “accurate delivery.
We manufacture our own blades, which are said to hold the key to quality. By manufacturing blades in-house using high-quality machines made in Japan, we are able to respond to detailed requests from customers and deliver prototypes in a short delivery time.
In addition, we make VA proposals and VE proposals so that we can meet the needs of our customers as much as possible. This is possible thanks to the high technological capabilities that we have cultivated over the years and state-of-the-art machines.

Business grows by valuing employees.

In order to grow the company, it is very important to value the employees who work together.
I have been working on as many “improvement” activities as possible since I was assigned to this position, imagining what it would be like if I were an employee: a comfortable and safe work environment, a delicious company cafeteria, and open and friendly relationships. I will never set a goal but keep working on these “improvements.”
In addition, we have established a personnel system that allows anyone to hold a key position if they work for it, and an education system that allows them to continue learning even after joining the company, making it a workplace where “motivated people” can play an active role.

We want to be a company that contributes to the region, Thailand, and the world.

I think that “TOHO” must maintain a sense of humbleness that we are allowed to do business in Thailand. We would like to be a company that contributes to Pathum Thani Province through volunteer service activities as well as taking all possible measures to protect the environment and noise pollution in the neighborhood.
Our products are used by major air conditioner manufacturers and exported worldwide. In order to meet the increasingly sophisticated and diverse needs of our customers, we are constantly improving our technological capabilities and further refining our manufacturing to meet the changes of times.
We will strive to expand our business so that we can contribute to the development of Thailand, which has warmly welcomed us, and the world, through air conditioning systems.

Naoki Tsuda

Corporate Philosophy

  1. We will deliver high-quality products unrivaled by any other company to customers on exact delivery dates. Thereby increasing the customers’ satisfaction to the utmost limit. As a result, we will acquire an overwhelming market share.
  2. We will shift the emphasis to enhancing the plant and equipment and reinvestment in excellent human resources by utilizing the profits earned. This should lead to further growth. We will contribute profits earned in Thailand back to Thailand as much as possible.
  3. We will maintain good relationships with the local community. We have actively promoted CS and will focus even more on contributing to local activities in which all the employees participate. We will reduce the noise and wastewater levels and improve the plant’s aesthetics to even higher standards.
  4. We will further improve the treatment of the employees. There is no growth potential for a company where the employees do not feel happy. However, the company’s demands against its employees will also increase in such cases. We will treat the employees who achieve good results appropriately. Furthermore, we will enhance the current high level of employee benefits.

CSR initiatives

Our philosophy is “to continue to be a trusted company in Thailand and to work to live up to that trust.” We will continue to support the development of Thailand and environmental protection through the concerted efforts of all our employees, including those in our home province of Pathum Thani.

  • Mangrove planting activity
  • Donation activities to hospitals and schools (electrical appliances, etc.)
  • Environmental education in elementary schools
  • River cleaning
  • 5S activity at Temple
  • Blood donation, etc.


ISO9001:2015 Date of Original Registration: 11 July 2007

ISO9001:2015 Date of Original Registration: 7 July 2008