Let’s go global together with high quality air conditioner brass parts.

“TOHO” is highly regarded by many major air conditioner manufacturers for its Japanese-quality precision manufacturing and speedy delivery system. This is made possible by a system that supports the growth of each and every employee, and by promoting human resources based on their abilities.
The air conditioning market will continue to expand with stable demand in the future. “TOHO” products are supplied all over the world, and are always needed throughout the year, for cooling in summer and heating in winter.
We invite you to join us and grow with our company in a market that is expected to expand even further.

HR, General Affairs & Accounting Manager
Naana Aoyama

Naana Aoyama

A comfortable working environment makes the business grow.

  • Emphasis on ability rather than academic background and career. Everyone has a chance to be in a key position
  • Able to offer a variety of experiences, such as dealing with major manufacturers.
  • A company where young people are active. The average age is 32 years old (as of 2022)
  • The company’s performance is growing year by year and is stable
  • We have a strong support system by the parent company in Japan
  • TOHO products are supplied to all over the world, and demand is expanding
  • A company that values “working with comfort” for employees
  • A company that supports the “learning” of employees
  • There is an opportunity to gain experience overseas. Actively dispatch employees to Japan and overseas
  • A company with an atmosphere where communication is open regardless of position
  • A bright and clean office

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We will introduce our employees who work in TOHO INDUSTRY and the reason why they came to work with us! Let’s find out.


Department : Quality Control
Rajamangala University


Department : Human Resource
Kasetsart University


Department : Machine
Assumption University


Department : Machine
Naresuan University


Department : Machine
Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology


Department : Machine
King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok


Department : Machine
Kasetsart University


Department : Sales
Khon Kaen University


Department : Production2
Srinakharinwirot University


Depertment: Grinding Rajamangara University of Technology Thanyaburi


Depertment:Quality Control
Silpakorn University


Department : Quality Control
Chiang mai University

The kind of people we are looking for

The manufacturing industry is now undergoing a major wave of change on a global scale. However, no matter how much the situation in the world changes, the fact remains that “it is people who do the work.
We are looking for colleagues who will work together with us to create the future of manufacturing. In other words, we are looking for people who are self-motivated, willing to learn, communicate with people around them, and work hard at their tasks.

  • People who are willing to reach for opportunities on their own
  • People who are willing to challenge new things
  • People who are honest and have humble attitude
  • People who care about those around them
  • People who have the spirit of helping each other in times of need.

Unique welfare benefits

“TOHO” which places a high priority on “working with comfort”, offers a special welfare benefits package.

Comfortable work environment

The factory, office, and cafeteria are spacious and clean! The restrooms are also clean, and the number of women’s restrooms is substantial because the ratio of female employees is high.

Free 3 meals in the company cafeteria

A chef of Japanese food on staff! All-you-can-eat menu of your choice, including dessert every day.

Japanese language class exclusively for employees

Japanese language classes are offered by instructors from Thammasat University. Employees can learn Japanese for free. (Twice a week / 2 hours per class)

Japanese Language Proficiency Allowance

Japanese language proficiency is reflected on the monthly salary. (N1: + 10,000B / N2: + 5,000B / N3: + 3,000B)

Perfect attendance allowance

Steady efforts are also reflected on the monthly salary. (No tardiness/leaving early/ absenteeism +300B / 2nd month and after +600B)

Medical insurance

Fully equipped with medical insurance in case of accident or illness. We will cover the shortfall in social insurance.

Resident nurse

A nurse is stationed and supports employee health management.

Various vaccine support

The company will bear all the costs of taking vaccines such as COVID-19 and influenza. (Applicants only)

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